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Silvermoz stops providing support to Windows XP

fim end windows xp

Windows XP is a system with more than 19 years of existence, but it is a system that has “died”. Even though today there are thousands of computers using the system without problems the truth is that it is a true technological Zombie since since April 8, 2014, Microsoft has completely stopped providing support for Windows XP, but what this means for the Lawyers and offices that use this system?

1 – Security

With the end of the support that Microsoft provided to XP, this is, of course, the main reason to let your XP rest in peace. Today there is no further technical assistance from Microsoft or partners for companies or consumers who may eventually have problems in Windows XP. In addition, it does not provide any security patches or updates for it, which at first may not seem very important, but it is an example of how XP users are putting at risk everything they do on the computer is the recent announcement of A 19-year-old flaw that allows hackers to control Windows computers not upgraded at a distance. If your computer is hacked by a hacker, that attacker could run programs remotely by making your computer spread viruses, commit crimes, kidnap files, steal sensitive data (including your own bank information), and get to Point to erase everything you have on your computer and on the computers connected to your internal network.

Even in your office all other computers run newer versions of Microsoft, like Windows 7, 8 or 10, only one computer using Windows XP and connected on the Internet to allow the hacker to use it as “bridge” to attack the other computers of your internal network.

Windows XP is one of several systems that are affected by the failure (which are present in all versions since Windows 95), but in the case of Windows 7 and 8 This failure has already been corrected (through an update made available by Windows Update) but in XP is another story , as Microsoft no longer supports it, and this bug will never be corrected thus leaving its users practically with a play mat written “Welcome Hackers” from now on


2 – Application incompatibilty

Nowadays there are already several programs that no longer work on XP and that will never work again. Since XP was released, the hardware and software market has changed considerably, as it was expected, and what was important in 2001 is no longer so important today. Yes, maybe you still run that little program developed by your neighbor’s cousin’s friend 15 years ago and that runs perfectly on your XP to do something very important to you, on the other hand, it is a matter of time for other important softwares For you, such as Java, antivirus, text editors, Internet browsers, stop working. Many developers are already giving up creating and updating programs for the old XP, that every passing day will get harder to see developers worrying about such an old system which, sooner or later, will end up hurting their work at home or In the office.

It is important to remember that some newer programs, such as Office 2016 and newer versions of Internet Explorer, no longer run on Windows XP for a long time and the trend is that the list only increases from now on. If you decide to upgrade your machine to a newer version of Windows, you should know that there is a possibility that this program developed by your neighbor’s cousin’s friend 15 years ago stops working in a newer version, which is minimized and M largely by the fact that Windows 7 and 8 have embedded in the system called Windows XP compatibility mode, but even if with the compatibility module your program does not work, it may be time to consider upgrading on it as well.


3 – The evolution of thechnology

In 2001, when XP was released, there were virtually no wireless networks, USB 2.0, smartphones, tablets, multifunction, digital cameras, digital certificates, touch screen screens and a multitude of technologies that we use every day today. Over the years XP received some updates (known as Service Packs) in order to allow the system to use these technologies but make no mistake, the system was not originally made to support these technologies, adaptations were made to To enable these technologies to work but many of them work in a very precarious and incomplete way. What’s the point of having a super computer that you’ve paid a great deal of value for and use an operating system that doesn’t account for using what the hardware provides to it?

Another problem is the peripherals. Using an operating system that has more than a decade at some point will put you in a difficult situation when you need to buy a printer, scanner or any new devices you want to use on your computer. As new technologies are developed, they are usually designed with the latest operating systems in mind, and are unlikely to be supported in Windows XP, and for this reason, the wireless printers, Bluetooth keyboards, or 4K monitors that you would want to use will work right.

Is it worth upgrading?

Now that, you probably have already convinced yourself of the main reasons to abandon Windows XP you should be with a question that is inevitable: is it worth doing the migration of the newer version of Windows? This inquiry does not have an optimal answer because it depends on each user who has their special needs and experiences and whether their computer is able to run this new system, or whether they will need an upgrade or exchange of equipment. The main options today are three: Windows 7 (coming Soon the days of end of support), Windows 10 and Linux.

Windows 7

Windows 7 is a stable and compatible system with the vast majority of existing applications and equipment on the market today. It has regular support until the end of January 2015 (with security updates up to 2020) but it is a system that is no longer being sold officially on the market but is still very much installed by the “Pirateiros” on duty (which can be as dangerous as using An outdated system like XP). To understand the dates that systems will be supported by Microsoft, simply visit this company page that explains the dates and deadlines for support.

Windows 10

Windows 10 (successor of Windows 8.1) is the standard version of Windows on computers purchased from 2014, is a system that has all the technical advantages of Windows 7 but because of its completely new interface still faces much resistance by the Users. Usually Windows 10 is either adored or is hated by its users, but once past the adaptation period it is possible to work on Windows 10 in the same way as Windows 7. Windows 10 offers lists of advantages especially in robust security and system stability. Facilitates maintenance and forensic research in case of malfunction.


Linux is another option for you and your office, but already be warned, if you did not like Windows 10 will probably like even less of Linux that is totally different from Windows and in a way will make you have to learn to use the Comput again Again, which does not necessarily mean a bad thing. If you have a very old machine that runs XP but that will not manage to run Windows 7, 8.1 or 10, there is the possibility that using a lighter distribution like Lubuntu.

Nowadays, buying a new computer is much easier in account than in 2001, when XP was released, with Notebooks being sold in supermarkets and Desktop computers being assembled tailor-made in virtually any computer store. Do not be suffering (and at risk) when using an outdated old computer.

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Silvermoz, Lda, has recently become a Microsoft partner, for such purposes, is obliged to follow the rules that Microsoft proposes in which some of them are to offer quality support to end customers, to assist Microsoft products that are active for assistance excluding obsolete ones and ensure the provision of quality service to customers.

In this way we inform you that SILVERMOZ will not provide assistance to the following operating systems from:

  • Win 3.1
  • Win 95
  • Win 98
  • Win XP
  • Win NT
  • Win 2000
  • Win ME
  • Win CE
  • Win Vista

Technical support for Windows 7 will go through the end of the year 2020

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