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What is CCTV?

They are electronic equipment with the ability to record videos for security purposes and also be able to reverse them later very easily.

SILVERMOZ is Dahua’s official re-seller. It supplies, installs and maintains surveillance cameras and their equipment in Mozambique. It offers advanced solutions where you seek to understand your greatest concern, advise, and give all the support you need.

Dahua HFW5831E-ZE Eco Savvy 3.0 Anti-Vandal Bullet IP Camera 8MP 2.7mm~12mm (110°~40°) nampula silvermoz- services-installation-supply-cctv-nampula-maputo-silvermoz-beira-africa-mozambique

We have durable brand equipment in the market, high quality and low cost. We guarantee day and night quality, recording by detection of movements at specific times and this can connect to an audible or silent alarm.

Online monitoring

Camera monitoring avoids false alarms, so you can access images in real time, anywhere on your mobile device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) with internet access and you can also export recorded images.

Qualified personnel

Your work will be carried out by professionals in the area of installation of certified surveillance cameras and with many years of experience. In this way you will have a work customized to your demand where you will appreciate our quality in the long run.

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