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Corporate Email

About the Service
Corporate Email

A professional corporate email is an email personalized with your company’s domain name, eg [email protected].
The use of a professional email nowadays is essential to guarantee the success of a company, business or brand.
Showing a concern with the image presented, greater credibility with the most common users and also with great speed in the entire process of creating and managing e-mail accounts, it has become one of the factors to be taken into account for those who wish to achieve success and distinguish yourself from other competitors.

Know the benefits
Advantages of getting corporate emails
Greater reliability

A corporate email for the company conveys an image of reliability and credibility to customers, keeping them firm with you.

Web reputation

The circulation of e-mail messages with your domain makes the internet create a reputation for your company online.


By using communication with your own domain, you have more credibility with your client, as it demonstrates more seriousness.

Efficient archiving

Have your entire trading history at hand from your installation, regardless of how long your company uses the service.

Easy customization

With the use of a corporate email, the administrator can organize the accounts according to the size of his company.

Content Control

It is possible to control the content received by each email, restricting some servers for certain accounts.

Boost your business credibility by using a custom professional email address

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Email plans

Our email plans are characterized by the size of the storage space.
The space in the plan is used for all email accounts in the contracted plan.