Live stream admin December 2, 2021


Stream your content quickly, easily, with a lot of quality and affordable price.


Live internet streams reduce geographic barriers and can cost up to 90% less than creating a face-to-face event. Gather, empower and communicate with your employees with all the safety and quality for your internal communications.

We have teleconferencing software such as ZOOM and MICROSOFT TEAM. 

Advantages of live streaming
Expansion to the public

Reach a differentiated audience that can track the activities of your event, regardless of your location.

Marketing strategy

With the expansion of the interested public, your event will be more valued and recognized in its segment.


Broadcasts are fully compatible for smartphones with iOS and Android systems.

Interaction with the public

Your audience will participate in real time by sending your questions via form, or even by entering live via Skype or Hangouts.

Cost reduction

Think about the costs of an event where you care about hosting, transportation, food, and other items compared to online streaming.

Live social networks

We can stream to any live streaming platform including Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Eventials, Linkedin, TikTok, etc.

Let people have access to your event!