Web Design Services for Business

Everything your website needs from Start-Up to Success professional image responsive drawing 24/7 support
Free Configuration and Domain

While working with Silvermoz, you'll have the advantage of using a free Mozambican or International Domain.

Creating your brand

We create your brand to stand out in today's world in logos, colors, digital images and advertising.

Corporate Emails

We create emails in agreement with the domain, generating trust and credibility to your business and customers.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a set of techniques aimed at improving the positioning of your site in search engines.

Responsive web pages

Responsiveness is the ability of a web page to adapt the screen of the access device being used, that is, if it is a mobile phone or computer.

Encrypted SSL security

Businesses and organizations use SSL certificates on websites to protect online transactions and maintain the privacy and security of customer data.

Flexible packages and plans

We offer the flexible option so that the customer can modify the service plans to suit their needs while they are active.

24/7 online support

Silvermoz has a professional technical team ready to meet intervention requests anywhere and anytime.

Specialists in SEO

Organically or through sponsored links your brand appears among the main search results effectively, bringing qualified customers to your site.

Once they search for a product or service that your company offers. In organic mode, we will use the SEO methodology so that search engines automatically analyze the quality of the page and place it on first pages at no cost.

Emails Corporate

A personalized or corporate email with your domain passes much more credibility to for your business.

Allows you to create a contact email for each area of your company, being able to access in the program you prefer: Outlook, Incredimail, Mozilla, among others. Get your professional email on a secure, encrypted, best-performing, guaranteed, ad-free privacy service.

We have extensive experience in the development of online stores.


Safe and prepared store for any mobile device, regardless of your product type or service here you will find the perfect design for your store. They are created with a fully user-friendly interface and easy to navigate. We offer the installation of tools such as Online Chat, Smart PopUps, Discount Coupons, Transparent Checkout and Integration with Social Networks and Email Marketing.

The first contact a customer has with your company is through the image. For this, we create the corporate image that is fundamental to the success of the company.


Intuitive online platform

Selling online can be quick and fun. Set up your store, add products, and upload images with just a few clicks.

Attractive and responsive image

We program and customize the store model to meet the real needs of your business and adapt it to any device.

Methods of local payments

Offer your customers various payment options – M-Pesa, Online Payment, Bank Transfer or Payment on Delivery.

It all starts with the Domain Name

Search for the availability of the domain you want for your website.

Accommodation WordPress

WordPress has add-ons that will help you reach your customers’ reach and help them get in touch with you.

It is a type of web hosting specifically designed to optimize the speed, performance and security of WordPress web sites. Pay special attention to the technical and security requirements of WordPress and typically makes WordPress installation or migration available with one click.

With the accommodation you will have:


Premium Solutions in all plans

We help companies drive their value through customized website development, product design, social networking and consulting services. Our website design service allows you to prototype, test and validate your ideas.

Advantages of working with Silvermoz

In addition to dealing with professionals, you are free to focus on growing your business, and we take care of your website. Always working, monitored and evolving on demand.