What is website?

A web page or website represent a source of income and of attracting customers. Also the online image of a company determines its reputation around the world. As well as the reputation of a company is in the picture, also applies in web sites. If the image is poor and indirect page, the browser will interpret the same company represented. A web site of a company is a powerful marketing tool with which to improve its image in the market and interaction with their customers. The benefits of a corporate website, nowadays, are huge.



SEO and Marketing

silvermoz web design

How we do a website?

  • We design any corporate image, product, service or content;
  • We use the latest programming technologies like HTML5, CSS3, CDN for have a good SEO and concrete results in search engines;
  • We make websites with a unique drawing, creative and responsive to an intuitive navigation, accessible and easy to use;
  • Guarantee future maintenance, for a long-term solution.
  • We develop the communication strategy of your company on the internet with social networking, online marketing, online store, etc.

If you choose the services of Silvermoz, Web Design jobs, you might want to leave it all at our discretion (design, photographs, purchase of domain and hosting), because we avoid giving trouble to buy web services with different suppliers and guarantee that we will do something to your liking with pleasure. Avoid buying domains from other providers that we know the quality of service or that have limited services. If you already have a domain and want to transfer to our servers, you will go through a DNS transfer process.

What are the advantages of hiring a Web site design with Silvermoz?

Silvermoz has a team of qualified professionals who are able to offer a differentiated service. See the list.
Creating custom Layouts or Templates and unique
Unique domains for sale (co.mz, org.mz,..., gov.mz. edu.mz,. adv.mz, .com, .net,...)
100% support (Phone, email, website, Chat, etc)
  • Adapt the page based on the detailed information that we provide.
  • Integration of your page with the better social services. (Facebook, LinkedIn, Fwitter, Pintrest, Google + YouTube)
  • Include the geographic location of its registered office services through Google Maps.
  • Its own headquarters. Make sure you’re hiring a specialized agency and avoid problems.
  • Own servers in the US and Europe.
  • Best price of the market and ease payment (installment payments and discounts, if the work is extremely large).
  • Creating custom email (seunome@seudomínio.com). E.g.: mail@silvermoz.com, p.luis@nilabolos.com
  • National Service. Although we are located in Nampula, we serve clients throughout the country of Mozambique.
  • Extra services with discounts (high resolution photographs, re-drawing of Logos).
  • Friendly to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing among many others.
  • Ease in updating and inserting content (key to be found and to relate to your audience on the internet).
  • Flexible and accept hundreds extensions such as: social networks, forms, videos, no bounds of growth.
  • In case of reformulation of layout, the content is fully preserved, i.e. There can be any change or adaptation of visual identity without disorders.
  • The main rules of usability are already incorporated (such as color of links, menu position)
  • We make special pages for doctors ‘ offices, NGO’s, virtual stores, forums, business and much more
  • Facility to automatically adapt the Site for various platforms (mobile, desktop, laptop, tablet)
  • Still can be integrated into various other systems such as CRM, SEO and email marketing management for example.
  • The main advantage is not depending on people to make the changes or whether you can make the necessary changes
  • Facility for NGOs (non-governmental organisations), obtain a full service information including a blog, Forum, where you can make releases and updates from your page via tablet devices or smart phones (SmartPhones)
  • Training of personnel for data refresh for the website we created.
  • Additional services in one place. Your company may hire additional graphic materials services, domain registration, Web hosting, dissemination in sponsored links Google and much more.
Don’t waste your time. Contact us now and request a free estimate.

Our Web Pages

We present some of the pages produced by silvermoz with various purposes.
municipio de nampula official page nampula city hall
Governamental Web Page

Example of a governmental institution page.

See the site

official page new hotel nampula
Hotel Web Page

New Hotel official page at Nampula city

See the site

página oficial de oficina pa autosolution de nampula
Workshop web page

PA AutoSolution Nampula Official Page

See the site

Farmácia Ciro
Real Segurança – Nampula
Conselho Municipal de Nampula
Frango a Rony – Quelimane
Africa Corporation – Pemba
Residencial Afshin

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